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Killing zombies is always better with company

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The War Z is an action survival game in the first person (although you can change it to third-person), in which you must unite forces with other players from all over the world to survive a zombie apocalypse that threatens life on earth.

The game, exclusively multiplayer, offers levels that are between 100 and 400 square miles in size, where you can move around freely. You can explore cities, forests, mountains, meadows, etc., but you'll always have to be on the alert for a zombie attack, because they are out there waiting for you to make your first mistake.

That being said, if you don't make a mistake, you can continue to gain experience, new levels, and new skills to improve your character. Nonetheless, The War Z is a very difficult game, which is why, even though you may spend a lengthy bit of time with your character, a surprise horde of zombies could come and you're dead in seconds.

The War Z come with PvE game mode, in which the player has to face the game itself; and PvP, in which you face human opponents. Whichever you choose, up to 100 players can join a single game on the same server.

The War Z is a very chaotic but fun action game that won't leave you with a chance to breathe. It can even become stressful on occasions, but that is exactly what a zombie survival game is all about.
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